Foundation Dogs...

Champion Summerhill High Plains Daisy
Passed away at the age of 13 1/2 on
May 2, 2011

Champion Starmount Spark of the Rockies
" Hamish McPup"
Best Veteran in Sweeps 2011
Passed away
May 2013

Finished Champions

Suepyr's Duke of Earl
finished his Championship at the age of 13 months!

Champion Suepyr's
Wild Surprise!
Passed away on Jan 31, 2018 at the age of 13 yrs, 3 mos.

Champion Summerhill Silver Suepyr Easy
Winner's Dog

Suepyr's High Plains Rickie, CGC
(passed away 7/2019)

SuePyr's Light Camera Action
A show girl and a fantastic obedience competitor!
(now passed away)

HIGH IN TRIAL at the 2013 National Show!
See Video

Owner, Edina Hood

Cami has a new title! Lure Course!

Dogs being shown...

"Classic" is our latest Special!
Suepyr's Classic

Grand Champion Bronze
Suepyr's Extreme Closeup

(passed away 11/22)

Jackson's OFA

Jackson, BIS Veteran

Imac's Alice Thru Suepyr's Looking Glass

Earl protecting one of his flock!

"larger Image"


American Kennel Club’s
Breeder of Merit

My philosophy is that while show dogs are pretty, showing is a hobby. All my show dogs are pets first. If you leave the decision to the Show Judges you aren't getting the full story on the dogs. Look for an experienced Breeder, who has seen and knows the dogs over time. Showing is good to get validation that they fit the GPCA standard. Look for a Breeder who belongs to Breed Organizations and has a good reputation among them.
No in-breeding for a healthier line.

If you would like to be referred to a reputable breeder in Mile High Great Pyrenees club or GPCA, send me an email
or give me a call.
38 years with Great Pyrenees!

Santa Paws 2: the Santa Pups,
A Disney Movie

Look for these four puppies from my last litter in the Holiday Movie,
"Santa Paws 2: the Santa Pups"
released November 2012

Can you imagine...trained puppies!

More pictures of Pups in Movie